What My Blog Is About….

Dear fellow travellers

I’m a Professor of English who’s been teaching for the past 30 years (yeah!)–and just completed two terms as Director of Women’s and Gender Studies at my university in NJ, USA.

I’m a well published author of scholarly tomes as well as political and cultural analyses (check out my writings on counterpunch.org)–as well as poetry , plays and memoir.

I thought it would be fun to start a blog (esp since i’m quite tech un-savvy!)–because Im on sabbatical this year and traveling a lot and given that Im off very soon to serve as a Fulbright Fellow/Visiting Specialist from the USA to my native country, Pakistan, i thought it would be cool to keep a partial long at least, of my thoughts and experiences.

Given that Ill be lecturing on women’s studies related themes and topics and ofcourse am a self described feminist, i wanted to give my blog a theme to show what my focus would be. Hence: Feminist Travels. Lets see what evolves!

!!Feminist Travels in MoroccoYUP! This is what feminist travel looks like!!!!Im sitting on the mediterranean coast at the tip of Tangiers–one of my favorite cities in the world…..and in the second image, am with my traveling feminist companion, the lovely young Syrian woman Nesrin Alrefaai. I’ll write about our Moroccan adventures in another post! And our latest travels in Cornwall too….stay tuned!!!


This is what feminist travel looks like!
This is what feminist travel looks like!

Do read, enjoy, take issue with what I’m saying/writing. Id love to get your feedback!